Ukrainian Women Guide for Guys

Ukrainian girls are a real treasure for any man. They are characterized not only by outer beauty but also by the rich inner world. Do you want to start a relationship with such a girl? Then check out the useful Ukrainian women guide!

Ukrainian women: the most gorgeous among Slavic women

In many countries, it is commonly believed that Russian ladies are the most gorgeous across the globe. But judging impartially, they yield the palm to Ukrainian women. There are many websites with a rating of the most beautiful girls according to which Ukrainian ladies leave behind not only all their neighbors but also representatives of the far-abroad countries and are honorably ranked first in the list of the most gorgeous women in the world.

In addition, Hong Kong experts compiled a rating of tourism appeal of the world countries based on the external data of the fairer sex. To the great surprise of many people, the Asians put Ukrainian women in the first place. Also, the experts noted that Ukrainian women are well-educated and smart.

Russian and Ukrainian women: main differences

The close relatedness between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples does not preclude considerable differences in their ethnological psychology. The dissimilarities are especially prominent with the female population of these countries. Let’s take a closer look at the main differences between Russian and Ukrainian women.

1. Appearance

The differences in the appearance of these women are associated with their origin, as well as genetic mixing with the peoples who live in the neighborhood. The beauty of Russian women resembles the northern, Finno-Baltic type of appearance. By and large, these ladies have fair hair, light-colored eyes, and finely-cut features. The beauty of Ukrainian women is more akin to the southern type of appearance, which is characterized by more spirited features. Their dark shades of hair are perfectly combined with brown, black, and green eyes. And their eloquent eyebrows stand out sharply against the fair facial skin.

2. Character

Compliant Russian women are more restrained in expressing emotions. They forgive their husbands a lot of poisonous things and are prone to self-sacrifice. The character of Russian women preserved the patriarchal rules of family life, which have been hammered into their heads for centuries. But freedom-loving Ukrainian women have a stubborn and hasty temper. These ladies are more demanding of men and are not inclined to forgive grave mistakes.

3. Domesticity

Many Russian girls do not like to do housework and often shift these responsibilities to a husband, children, or even a housecleaner. Ukrainian ladies, in turn, have no issue with doing household chores themselves. Moreover, they manage not only to maintain order and comfort in the house but also to succeed in their work.

4. Self-sufficiency

Unlike Russian girls, Ukrainians are more self-sufficient and independent of men. They are not afraid of difficulties and hard work. Moreover, they are ready to go all out to provide for the family. While Russian ladies are used to thinking that this is a man who must make money and solve all problems in the family.

5. Language skills

Although Russian and Ukrainian languages have many similarities, Russian girls speak only their native language, while most Ukrainian women can speak both their native language and Russian. Moreover, Ukrainian girls are better at speaking foreign languages – English, German, Spanish, and so on. Thus, is you are a foreigner and want to meet beautiful Ukrainian girls for marriage, visit legitimate Ukrainian dating sites and feel free to chat with ladies!

Ukrainian women dating culture: basic facts

Now, it’s time to proceed to some basic facts you should know to make dating Ukrainian women successful.

  1. They love well-groomed men

Ukrainian ladies, like any other girls, pay special attention to a man’s cleanliness, neatness, and the smell that comes from him. So, you should be considerate towards your appearance if you want to build a relationship with sexy Ukrainian women.

  1. They love older men

Many Ukrainian girls prefer dating guys 2-5 years older as they expect maturity, responsibility, and, of course, loyalty from a man. At the same time, a partner’s financial situation fades into the background; the mercantile aspect of relationships with men is almost always absent in the Ukrainian dating culture.

  1. They don’t like guys with a loose tongue

Ukrainian girls do not like it when a guy talks all the time during a date. This usually happens with self-centered men or guys who get nervous communicating with a pretty girl. In both cases, it is necessary to change the line of behavior. After all, women love to talk. To say more, they want to be heard.

  1. They hate swaggerers

Don’t try to impress a girl starting to lie to her. There is no need to say that you know everything and that you are perfect at all, while the rest of the guys are “unfortunate fools”. In the end, a Ukrainian girl will figure you out, and your relationship will break-up. Therefore, be yourself and you will definitely succeed in attracting a Ukrainian girl.

  1. They don’t like vulgar men

Ukrainian girls don’t like it when a man behaves vulgarly. Many guys, knowing that Ukrainian ladies are so hot, want to immediately get them into bed. You shouldn’t forget that every girl is a personality who wants to feel loved and needed but not used. So, be careful about what you say and don’t bother your lady with wacky questions about sex.

  1. They are emotional

Ukrainian girls live with emotions and they get them from everything that happens around. A woman is charged not by an expensive restaurant or luxury car but by how she feels there. Your girlfriend may not remember where you went with her but she won’t forget how tenderly you hugged her at parting.

  1. They need your love and care

Men don’t understand how important it is for a woman to have a man who is always ready to be there for her. Ukrainian girls often feel insecure and lonely. However, they need not a superman or a millionaire but just a beloved man who will support them in the hour of need.

  1. They have a passion for sex

Ukrainian girls are very passionate and hot. They love sex and attach great importance to physical intimacy in a relationship. Moreover, they love experimenting and are always ready to please a man and try something new in bed.

  1. They need your help

Of course, Ukrainian women are very hardworking and housewifely. But every single one will feel slack and exhausted doing everything on their own. Moreover, women are still the weaker sex. So, help your girlfriend with chores and she will love you even more!

  1. They want attention

Compliments are a universal way to show attention to your beloved. No odds your woman looks like a top model or a dumpling, you still need to tell her that she is a beauty! If the woman is smart, tell her she is beautiful. If she’s beautiful – that she’s smart. If you don’t know what compliment to make, say that your beloved has lost weight.

Ideas for presents for hot Ukrainian women

Like all girls, Ukrainian ladies are very fond of gifts and pleasant surprises. This is a great way to make your girlfriend smile. And so, check out the best gift ideas for a Ukrainian woman!

  1. Gifts for beauty

Hot Ukrainian girls are constantly striving to look even more gorgeous. Therefore, they will always be happy to get a beauty gift. Thus, cosmetics are a safe bet. Also, you can fulfill a girl’s dream of a quick and high-quality manicure by presenting her with a UV lamp. Thanks to this device, your beloved will never lose time going to the beauty salon.

  1. Stylish gifts

This could be a smartphone accessory, a new purse, jewelry, or a watch. If your relationship has already reached that level of intimacy when you can give each other personal items, you should consider such a gift as accessories for sleeping (a tempting nightgown or an unusual eye mask).

  1. Gifts for self-development

Ukrainian girls love to work on themselves. So, if your beloved girl has long dreamed of mastering the art of dance, then she will be happy to get a certificate for a dancing course. If she plans to become the best chef in the world, cooking lessons will be very useful to her. If the girl is fond of reading, give her a suspenseful book.

  1. Gifts for high spirits

Ukrainian girls appreciate guys who can cheer them up. And often, some little thing is enough to evoke a smile on their face. So, not only a gift itself can delight a girl but also the way you present it. Thus, a nice addition to your gift can be a cute message with the location of a secret place where your beloved will find the main surprise – a hoped-for gift.

  1. Gifts for relaxation

A great way to show concern for a Ukrainian girl is to present her with a certificate to a spa salon. By the way, if you are not sure which spa treatment to choose, you can purchase a certificate for a certain amount of money. In this case, its lucky owner will be able to choose any services provided by the spa.

  1. Extreme gifts

Hot Ukrainian women go crazy over extreme entertainment. Consequently, you can present a girl with an extreme gift that will give her a portion of unforgettable impressions. There are many options to choose, for example, karting, rope jumping, zip line, wakeboarding, etc.

  1. Sports gifts

Of course, Ukrainian women always take care of themselves. So, if your beloved embraces sport, she will be happy to receive a useful sports gift. Moreover, there is a lot of such gift ideas – sportswear, accessories, equipment, various gadgets, and motivational gifts (workout diaries, books, etc.).

Honest challenges of dating Ukrainian women

To build a relationship with a Ukrainian girl, you should know what difficulties you may face. These are the main ones:

  1. They are prone to overthinking

Some Ukrainian girls are prone to overthinking and going to extremes. For example, you tell a girlfriend that you work late. But she starts thinking over the likelihood that you have deceived her and now, are having sex with another girl or drinking in a strip club. Such women rarely hear exactly what you say. They often overthink trying to guess what you really meant.

  1. They are very sensitive

A Ukrainian girl can hold grudges for a week if you forget some key dates of your relationship. And the girl isn’t pretending – she cares about all the little things that may not be so important to you. So, remember about female pain points and try not to touch them. The girl wants to feel all your love, care, and affection. Remember this.

  1. They are general owners

A Ukrainian girl wants to possess you 100% and she is not ready to share you with someone else. Accordingly, these ladies can raise big smoke if you hang out with friends for a long time. That’s the way they are. All you can do in this case is to set aside the same amount of time to spend with your girlfriend and chill with friends.

  1. They always need something from you

A Ukrainian woman treats her beloved man like God – worships and asks for something all the time – to put up a picture, help her to shift the furniture, visit Thailand… She comes up with new and new things, thus, getting the proof of your feelings. Therefore, if you don’t have goals, find a girlfriend and you will acquire them!

  1. Jealousy

Ukrainian girls are very jealous – they can pick your brains about each of your female friends. Moreover, the beauty of Ukrainian ladies is globally known, hence, you should put up with the fact that your lady will draw stares of the opposite sex. But you have nothing to worry about, these women are loyal to their beloved men.

Final Thoughts Beautiful Ukrainian women encapsulate high feelings and strength of spirit. They are reliable supporters, wise counselors, and best friends for their beloved men. Although guys are weak in female nature, it is not so difficult to date Ukrainian ladies. After all, as Oscar Wilde said, “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood”. So, love a Ukrainian girl and she will shower you with all her care and tender passion!

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