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Ukrainian Brides: How to Attract and Where to Meet Them

Ukrainian girls are dazzling. There’s so much peculiar about them that it can take years to discover all their traits. Are they worth it? Definitely! But finding a path to a Ukrainian woman’s heart is a challenging task. Slavic ladies aren’t that easy to deal with, so we’ve pulled together a few tips on where to meet and how to win over a Ukrainian girl to put you on the right track.

Yulia, 29

Vladislava, 26

Ksenia, 23

Irina, 24

Ukrainian brides: pros and cons

First, let’s see what you should expect from Ukrainian women. Here are some major benefits and drawbacks to keep in mind.

The pros

They’re stunning. Sure, it’s a matter of taste, but Ukrainian beauty is so versatile that it’s hard to find someone who’d resist it. It’s all about that natural look that’s so underestimated these days. You’ll see how beautiful Ukrainian women are once you get to know them better.

They’re very approachable. Women in Ukraine are curious and never miss a chance to have a chat with a foreigner. Besides, compared to Ukrainian men, Western ones are much more reliable and family-oriented.

They’re caring. Ukrainian brides know that happiness and financial well-being don’t come from nowhere and appreciate what their loved ones do for them. Want to feel like the world’s revolving around you? Go to Ukraine, date a local girl, and see what true feelings look like.

The cons

They can be quite demanding. Don’t expect a Ukrainian girl to go soft on you if she sees you wasting your potential. If you make promises, she expects you to keep them. On the bright side, you’ll always have the motivation to reach new heights.

They’re stubborn. What Westerners call attitude problems Ukrainians call character peculiarities. And if you have problems compromising, you’ll hardly be able to solve problems in a diplomatic way.

How to meet hot Ukrainian brides

The first option that comes to mind is the Internet. There are dozens of international dating websites and apps where you can meet thousands of Ukrainian mail order brides. For the lucky ones, there are social media, but the chances to find a Ukrainian girlfriend there are pretty slim. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to dating websites or some Ukraine brides agency – there are always more adventurous options. The easiest one is to check for local Ukrainian communities in your city and try to find a girl there. If you feel like traveling, book a ticket to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. This option has its pros; for instance, you can use the advantage of being a foreigner.

Ukrainian women dating tips

Flowers are a must

It’s a long-going tradition in post-Soviet countries. It’s a bad move to show up for a date without a decent bunch of flowers. Nothing too complicated, though, – a few roses or lilies should be enough.

Small gifts count too

Ukrainian women love small but meaningful trinkets. You can be a pro at flirting and complimenting, but unless you provide some material signs of love, your companion is unlikely to believe you.

Pick up the tab

Although it’s becoming more and more common for companions to split the bill at the end of a date, Ukrainian ladies are still a bit old fashioned when it comes to this trend.

Be natural

Lies and plain flattery won’t get you far. You must be sure you can impress your companion with natural charm. Otherwise, you’ll lose her once she realizes you’re not the person you pretend to be.


No matter whom you’re looking for – delicate, young girls or hot mature Ukrainian women, these tips will work just as great. Feminine, sensitive, hospitable, caring – the list of their traits goes on and on. But more importantly, you can rely on a Ukrainian girl. It’s a rare quality.


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