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Who Are Russian Brides and How to Meet Them

Admired and desired, Russian women have always remained a riddle for the rest of the world. And surprisingly, the veil of mystery around them still exists despite the overall obsession with Russian beauty and hundreds of articles in dating blogs. Let’s make Slavic girls more approachable and find out how to conquer one.

Yulia, 29

Vladislava, 26

Ksenia, 23

Irina, 24

Why western men dream about getting a Russian bride

The first thing you notice when exploring Slavic culture is how beautiful Russian women are. It’s a common stereotype, but women in Russia do their best to keep it alive. There are not that many countries where girls spend a couple of hours preparing for a trip to a grocery store. And what’s best about their obsession with beauty is that it doesn’t stand in the way of self-improvement. Russian ladies are both stunningly-beautiful and smart enough to master a foreign language and have a degree.

But intelligence and beauty aren’t the only traits these hot Russian brides are known for. Their views on relationships and family remain traditional, as feministic trends only begin to spread in Russia. But their incredible devotion often depends on their partners’ love and care.

And last but not least, Russian women aren’t as demanding as western girls. It’s ok if you’re not a millionaire – as long as you’re ready for self-growth and development for the sake of your loved one, you’re the best man on Earth.

Where to look for Russian brides

The first option you should try is online dating. It’s not a problem to find a decent website with Russian mail order brides or a dating service to boost your dating skills. If you prefer real-life experience, look for Slavic communities near you. Check out Russian clubs and restaurants – chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for there. But if you’re into a more authentic approach, you can go straight to Russia. This is the hardest and priciest option, but it opens up many more opportunities. Instead of surfing the web, browsing Russian brides photos, you can chat with them in person anywhere and at any time. Pick any pub, café, club, or other crowded spot and go hunting.

Basic Russian dating rules and tips

Always bring a present

Showing up for a date without a bunch of flowers in Russia is like shopping without money – you’ll waste your time and get nothing in the end. Also, it would be a nice idea to give your companion a small gift as a token of appreciation.

Pick a quiet, cozy place

We all have favorite dating spots, and a loud rock concert is no worse than a pottery class as long as both partners share interests. But when asking a Russian girl out for the first time, it’s better to stick to classic venues, like restaurants or cafes.


Russian girls may not seem as cheerful as western ones at first, but it’s only a matter of time until your companion opens up and shows her bright side. Feel free to break the ice with a frank smile and a positive mood.

Speak simply

You’d probably like to tell as much as possible about yourself and find out even more about your companion. One of the main problems of Russian dating is that not all girls speak perfect English, so your companion may have difficulties understanding fancy words.

Frankness is the key

The worst mistake you can make is to try to appear someone you’re not. This approach will take you as far as a few dates until your Russian companion gets you pegged. Yes, you probably won’t live up to her expectations completely, but there’s nothing scary about that.

Sum up

It’s not that hard to find the Russian bride of your dreams, but be ready to make some effort if you want to make the relationship work. This can be a wonderful experience, the one that will change your life forever.

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