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Muslim marriage sites: how to meet a Muslim woman

The number of Muslim dating sites has been growing in current times. In addition, more and more men from all over the world want to start a relationship with Muslim girls. And so, let's consider basic Muslim dating rules to make such relationships strong and happy!

Dating a Muslim woman - what does it look like?

Muslim dating is significantly different from building romantic relationships in Christian culture. A man should not date a Muslim girl solely for making sex or for any lucrative purposes, for example, to live off a woman. A man's only intention should be to get acquainted with a girl in order to get married in the future.

Moreover, loving couples are not allowed to touch each other – be it hugs, kissing on the cheek, or even holding hands. Any touch of stranger women or men is prohibited in Islam, and you cannot do such things before nikah.

And in general, Islam does not imply long-term communication between a man and a woman before getting married (even on the free Muslim dating sites). In Muslim culture, marriage is considered the beginning of love, which develops and increases through the years of family life.

Nevertheless, in some modern Muslim countries, parents even insist that future spouses should not rush into marriage, but rather learn more about each other before making such an important step. It means that the realities of the modern Muslim world have changed a lot since the time of traditional Islamic law formation.

Muslim dating rules

Despite many advantages, dating before nikah also carries certain risks. Unfortunately, such relationships often lead to the commission of grave sins. To avoid them, you should follow a number of rules:

Don't stay alone with a girl

Dates of a Muslim couple should take place not in private but in the company of friends or relatives in a public place. Thus, your conversations and meetings occur in front of the nearest and dearest people who, in turn, do not allow anything forbidden (kisses, hugs, etc.) to happen. However, you can ask friends to give you an opportunity to have a word in private. But it does not mean that you will stay alone with the girl – you can be in the same public place, but sit at a separate table.

Get rid of bad habits

The presence of addiction to alcohol, narcotic, or psychotropic substances and cravings for smoking, gambling, and other dependencies will certainly impair the health of a potential spouse and will become a source of constant problems in the family.

Behave in a courteous manner

During a date, you should not talk about anything naughty. You can communicate with a girl on any topic that does not contradict Islamic values. Also, you should remember about the handsome manners such as respect for the girl, lack of rudeness, and others.

Christian dating a Muslim – is it OK?

Islamic canon allows marriage between virtuous Jewish and Christian women and Muslim men. And this has been allowed both during the prophetic mission of Prophet Muhammad and in the modern Islamic world. So today, many Muslim men marry Christians and Jews. At the same time, a woman does not have to change faith – a Muslim husband has no right to insist on this. The only thing is that in such a marriage, children must be brought up according to Mohammedan faith. As for Muslim women, they are not allowed to tie the knot with a representative of another religion. Such relationships are utterly forbidden by Islamic canon.

Final Thoughts

As with any other religion, Muslim relationships imply their own rules and traditions. But if two people experience real, sincere love and tenderness, nothing will prevent them from building strong and happy relations!

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