Everything You Wanted to Know About Slavic Women

All Slavic women have common features. But the mentality of society, the way of life, and other features of life in each country are different, and this is reflected in the behavior, character, and appearance of women. So, what are they – real Slavic women?

What does Slavic mean?

The Slavs are one of the most ancient peoples of the European continent. Its culture goes back many centuries and has unique characteristics.

The South Slavs are a group of peoples who live in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, etc.

Western peoples are indigenous descendants since settlement took place from these places. This group includes the descendants of several nationalities: Polish, Czechs, Slovaks, etc.

Eastern Slavs live on the territory of several states: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.

It should be noted that the culture of the Slavs succumbed to a certain change because many territories have been under the influence of neighboring peoples for a long time.

Slavic women have European appearance, they are taller than average, have light eyes (blue, green, gray, rarely brown), and hair of all light brown shades. They have incomprehensible, feminine character, in which strength and tenderness, stamina and complaisance, love and self-denial prevail. And Slavic female names are just amazing. These women are very good wives and mothers. Moreover, they are morally strong, but despite this, they want to feel like little helpless girls who are protected by strong men.

Eastern Slavic women

There is an opinion that Slavic girls almost don’t differ from each other. In fact, there are certain differences in the appearance of the representatives of these nationalities. First of all, it is based on the typical features that determine their difference.

1. Russian women

They are characterized by blond hair and pale skin, green, gray, or blue eyes. A feminine figure and regular facial features make men attracted to these girls. For them, this type of appearance is subconsciously perceived as ideal for creating a family and having children. Diversity plays an important role: representatives of almost 200 peoples live in Russia, each of which has its own national characteristic. Hence, the variety of types of appearance: blondes with milky skin, dark-skinned brunettes, red-haired girls. Now think, is it possible to find such a variety of beauty in Spain or, for example, Italy? No! Therefore, men consider Russian women to be beauties. There is the predominance of the Slavic type of appearance and variety.

2. Ukrainian women

The beauty of Ukrainian women is recognized by both native Ukrainian men and representatives of other countries. Ukrainian girls are beautiful, kind, attentive, and hardworking. It is not for nothing that the tendency to choose a Ukrainian woman as a wife is so popular in Western Europe. Ukrainian women are more of the southern type of appearance, which is characterized by bright contrasts and more expressive facial features. A dark shade of hair is combined with brown, black, green eyes. Expressive eyebrows stand out brightly on fair skin. Freedom-loving Ukrainian women have a quick-tempered, stubborn character. They are more demanding of men and are not inclined to forgive mistakes. But still, women of Ukraine are nice mothers and housewives.

3. Belarus girls

Typical features of Belarus girls include gorgeous thick hair and expressive facial features. It is difficult to see some kind of aggression on their faces. Surprisingly, for all their kindness, they can work hard and make a good career. Women of this friendly country value their family needs first of all. Belarus women are very good housewives, loving wives, and caring mothers. At the same time, they don’t limit themselves to the role of a housewife, trying to combine taking care of the family and household with a career. In general, Belarus women seem to be overconfident. But, at the same time, they are somehow naive, cheerful, and optimistic. Those who are trying to achieve something in life on their own are ambitious and responsible.

Western Slavic girls

Western Slavs are the second largest group of Slavic peoples. These girls are highly appreciated all over the world. No wonder, these girls are really the cutest and most beautiful. But surprisingly, they differ from Eastern Slavic women.

1. Hot Czech girls

Czech girls are typical Western Slavs, although not only Slavic but also German features often seen on their faces. Beautiful blondes and brunettes are found here and the character of Czech women is mostly soft but not without a certain waywardness. They try not to smile to the first comer and not flirt with others. You will have to try to get their favor, but with closer communication, they quickly become open and malleable. Tons of cosmetics are not at all welcome in the image of hot Czech girls. Also, girls don’t prefer to put on as many jewelry and expensive clothes as possible. Ladies in the Czech Republic love to cook with their own hands, they don’t like to buy semi-finished products. They can prepare almost any dish themselves.

2. Bulgarian women

Bulgarians are positive, active, and gorgeous. And most importantly, the main connoisseurs of a spectacular female appearance admire Bulgarian girls. Most of the girls have wonderful bodies. Despite the high-calorie food, hearty breakfasts and snacks, they are slim and fit. Bulgarians can be miniature and quite high, but the predominance of an hourglass figure makes them equally attractive. Like other Europeans, modern Bulgarian women are very active. They are mastering interesting professions, building a career along with men. These women strive to study, work, or earn extra money. They love children and give birth to 2-3 kids. There are delicious southern dishes on their tables, houses are clean, children and husbands are happy. This is how it should be in a good Bulgarian family.

3. Polish women

Of course, any girl loves to look beautiful and take care of herself. Polish and Slavic women are often compared. Discussing the appearance of Polish women, it must be said that charisma is given not only by external beauty and unusualness but also self-confidence. Hot Polish women are quite ambitious and even sassy in some way. They boast of their lack of complexes and say they can do anything to achieve their goals. In this case, this doesn’t spoil them but makes them even more attractive because they can concede in time and somewhat change their principles despite their ambitions. The ordinary appearance is compensated for by openness. A Polish woman rarely gets bored in a circle of new people. People very easily make contact with such a woman due to her immediacy in emotional terms.

Why western men turn to Slavic girls

They watch themselves. For western men, it is important that women do their best to look good. So, men and even women from all over the world appreciate the beauty of Slavic ladies. For foreigners to conquer such a woman is a reason for pride.

Mental warmth. Slavic ladies don’t compete with men in the family. For them, “to get married” means “to follow their husbands” and become their support in sorrow and joy. Warmth, sincerity, understanding, support, loyalty – these are the main components of the soul of Slavic women.

Family is in priority. When they get married, Slavic women don’t sign marriage contracts in case they suddenly want to change something or just get freedom. The need to give love and be loved is taught from childhood.

When children appear, they become the center of the family. They are always the best, the smartest, the most beautiful. A Slavic mother can take care of her children until their very old age and will never leave in difficult times.

Caring for a man. If we consider the Slavic mentality, it is worth noting that Slavic women take care of their men as their own children. To surround her chosen one with touching care is the purest desire and the most cherished goal of a Slavic girl.

How to date Slavic girls

Slavic women require special attention to themselves, without which a man can’t count on a successful relationship. For those who decided to fall in love with a Slavic beauty, we have a dozen working rules, thanks to which the relationship will develop in the right direction.

1. Be a real man

A man shouldn’t complain about his life. Tell about your problems and failures to friends over a glass of beer. Better yet, forget it and get it out of your head. A man should show that there are no problems or rather they were because he easily solved them. Show that you are not a chatterbox and that words are followed by deeds. And it is very important that with all this, you are not afraid of responsibility.

2. Surprise her

Dating a Slavic woman, give her unusual gifts. We are talking about what she has not seen in her life. In addition to gifts, you can surprise with something unusual. Learn a simple trick with cards or a coin. You can learn how to make a flower out of a sheet of paper and make it while sitting in a restaurant in front of her. This works great.

3. Be mindful

Like other girls, Slavic women are quite sensitive to compliments. But saying the daily “you look good” will not work: it will be important to show your real admiration. Fortunately, with beautiful Slavic girls, it will be really easy to do. When she has a new hairstyle, makeup or outfit, praise it with a compliment. She will definitely appreciate it.

4. Listen to her

The problem for many men is that they just don’t know how to keep the conversation going. Learn not only to listen but also to hear what a Slavic girl tells you. Sensitivity is in her blood: she will feel that you are just pretending to be attentive and it will be very difficult to change her mind.

5. Intrigue

Dating polish women (or other ones), try to make sure that they are looking forward to every date. Slavic girls are curious and this can and should be used. Don’t stay on a date until both of you are bored. Don’t ask her to go out often. Three times a week will be enough initially.

6. Communicate actively

Your dates should be like a holiday for a girl. A holiday is rare, people look forward to it. It passes quickly and is remembered for a long time. End the conversation at the moment when you have already enjoyed the best emotional moment. Do this carefully and tactfully. Let her look forward to the continuation.

7. Be interesting

And of course, nothing works out for those who are not an interesting personality. Take care of your constant development. Learn new things, go to exhibitions, and achieve interesting goals. Develop, read books, magazines, watch Discovery. In general, first of all, you need to do this for yourself. The wider your horizons, the more erudite you are and, accordingly, more interesting to the interlocutor.

8. Respect her

You need to let the girl know that she is appreciated and understood. It is important to be able to listen and hear. If any request is voiced, then you need to fulfill it. Also, it’s best to avoid talking about your ex. You can’t look like a rude and immature person in front of a Slavic woman. Otherwise, she will stop communicating with you.

9. Never be shy about your feelings

Be always open, show your attraction and then you will succeed. Tell sweet words. Repeat many times that you think of her all the time, that she is very dear to you. After all, such words will have a great effect, since the expression “all girls love with their ears” is true. So, tell everything you feel to them.

10.  Use body language

Gestures, facial expressions, movements – all this should give out a confident alpha male in you. Men hardly use non-verbal language, just passing facts to each other. But thus you don’t show your emotions. Train in front of the mirror, look at yourself from the outside, and improve.

It would seem that all these qualities can be found in women in other countries. But still, Slavic girls are the most beautiful, combining external and internal superiority.

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