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In modern days, the notion of dating has blurred lines. Fidelity, moral code, and togetherness, these words have a different meaning to contemporary couples. Unfortunately, “courting” as gracious dating came out of fashion for youngsters, so faithful and God-loving people have to search for Catholic dating sites to unite with someone for a higher purpose.

Catholic singles dating: where to look for a Catholic woman?

Catholic dating apps aren’t the only place to bring you closer to a faithful Catholic woman. There are several other ways to meet God-loving partners who will be serious about their relationship.


The easiest way to try Catholic dating is to search for an attractive and wholesome woman in the church, but not during the service. Although it is quite sinful to dedicate your time to someone other than Father during the attendance, it is appropriate to get acquainted with a like-minded person on the way to your car after the service ends. Or outside the church.


Сatholic singles dating often starts with a holiday. Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and other holy days are better to spend in a group of faithful religious people, friends, and family. During these days, it is easy to meet someone’s friend or relative and start talking.

Catholic universities and colleges

If you are lucky enough to study at religious universities, you don’t even need Catholic online dating because faithful people are naturally there to study. It’s one of your chances to get to know someone better.

A Catholic dating site

It is one of the best and the trustiest way to meet a like-minded individual quickly.

Catholic dating rules for men

Catholic rules for dating are universal for men all over the world. Being sincere in your intentions, aiming to create a family, is the basis for all believers. However, there is more specific Catholic dating advice you need to know of:

  1. Be steady and committed

No girl, even one who doesn’t belong to any religion, wants to be left on “read” or flaked on. But you need to mind that factor, especially when dealing with a lawful and God-obeying woman who doesn’t like to be played. As a genuine Catholic man, you need to be clear about your intentions.

  1. Don’t be a pushover

Nobody likes too straightforward men. As a gentleman, you need to consider the needs of your lady. If she didn’t have too many relationships, do no think that the lack of experience is the only thing that turns her off. Speak only when spoken to, don’t insist on intimacy too much, and preserve personal borders.

  1. Define your goals

Dating for the sake of dating is not prohibited, but if you reach a certain age, your goals should progress as well. There is nothing shameful in confessing you want a strong family with kids, and a commitment. Show your serious intentions by talking about the future and how she can trust you.

How to find a soulmate on Catholic dating sites

Take your time

Don’t opt for the first person who replied to you just because you want a love story immediately. Instead, apply wishful thinking and logic. Don’t forget to listen to your heart and talk to women for several weeks before you even meet them in real life.

Get your priorities straight

What is the most valuable thing to look for in a partner? Young age, good soul, or their career? Be clear about your desired traits for a partner. Seek for them accordingly, applying filters on the site and minimizing time of fruitless search.

Before going to the best Catholic dating sites, you need to memorize Catholic dating rules on how to meet a soulmate. Your heart will always tell you when you’ve met the right person.


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