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travel essentials.  Lovely Matters blog by Heather Walker

I make an effort to pack light traveling as a family of 6.  Isn't vacation a wonderful time to realize we really don't need that much? As long as we have the right tools for the job.

I'm always concerned I'm forgetting to pack the essentials.  This check list is perfect for someone who likes lists and since using it for our last few vacations it's simplified my packing.  Absolutely my favorite packing tool.  

I have been searching for the right travel backpack for a long time and I think I finally found it!  And it's super inexpensive.  Not all women's backpacks have side pockets to hold water bottles and this was essential for me.  It's light weight, lots of pockets, and my favorite part is it opens big with a doctor bag style zipper top.  

In my bag:

I sprayed this Pixi mist on my face at least a dozen times on the flight to Hawaii.

Origins Peace of Mind is a lovely peppermint relief.  It has cured a pressure headache in seconds and I never travel without it.  

Sweet and healthy Apple Chips, dark chocolate and gum

My Fab Fit Fun aloe infused fluffy socks and cozy poncho made for a comfortable flight.  The poncho worked as a blanket for a couple of us and an extra pillow.  I've officially used everything that came in this awesome subscription box!

A good book 

My camera and iphone

My favorite Young Living oils

This lip balm.  

This Malin & Goetz hand lotion was from a hotel and I'm now obsessing over the entire brand.  Full of natural ingredients, vitamins and fatty acids.  

My husband uses this travel pillow that takes up minimal space in his cary on.  And this is the best travel pillow we've ever experienced for our kids and it worked great for me also.  If your child falls asleep it gives you more control on head/chin placement.  

Yes, all that, and several of my kids things, fit in my new travel backpack!

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