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5 simple tips on packing simple2

Packing for a vacation really can be quite easy if you keep it simple.  Here's 5 tips on how I pack for 5 (Luckily my husband packs himself). :)  

1.  Do laundry first because naturally everyones favorites are in the laundry.  And who wants to come home to laundry?  Favorites are key on vacation.  I dump all the clean laundry where I have lots of room for sorting.  I then making 1 pile for each of us, putting together outfits as I sort through the clothes.  The rest gets thrown back in laundry basket for the kids to put away.  And then I pull the rest of what I need from our closets.  I had to do the laundry anyway so this really doesn't make the task of packing feel like much of a chore.  

2.  Focus mainly on neutral colors so it's easy to mix and match, and add in a few colors of the season.  Naturally you'll be documenting your vacation so you may want to think about a couple key colors to focus on.  Not matching, just coordinating so that one person isn't in a pastel while everyone else is dressed in fall hues.  

3. Think capsule wardrobe.  I have only used tips from this approach to help me get rid of items, but on vacation I pretend I'm living the capsule wardrobe dream.  Just one thing I love about vacations, we realize how little we really need.  I love the idea that "sometimes to figure out what matters you have to get rid of everything that doesn’t."

4.  Fold and roll.  There's no way we could fit everything without using these!  I have one labeled for each day of the week and its such a helpful tool for the kids to be independent when getting ready in the morning.  All they have to do is find the labeled day.  This organization was very helpful for our disney trips when you quickly want to get up and out and you already have an outfit in mind for each day's itinerary. 

5.  Accessorizing increases your outfit options.  A baseball cap with a shirt and jeans is a completely different outfit than wearing a scarf with the same shirt and jeans. Same with my little ones.  I tossed a burt orange belt and vest into my oldest sons bag last minute as a way to change up the same clothes.

Happy Travels!

5 simple tips on packing simple