On gift-giving: Something to read (part 1 of 4)

If you aren't familiar with the 4 gifts, you may want to read this blog post first. 

Thoughtful gift ideas with 4 gifts ~ something to read ~ Lovely Matters by Heather Walker

The "something to read" is my favorite to shop for!  My kids love books, and I love previewing books.


I was recently at Costco and spent a great deal of time looking at books.  I found two books for my older two and I was glad to know that my Costco membership is beneficial since these were less expensive than amazon.  I just love feeling the energy of children's books as I pick them up.   Good finds for my 9 year historian and my 11 year old artist.  And this author has several different topics of interest.  


My older son read The Book With No Pictures at school, and just hearing him talk about it made me want it.  It was his idea that we should get it for his younger brother.  I can't wait to hear them laugh as they read this one!


I'm still searching for a book for my 4 year old.  Considering one of these below after looking through amazon reviews.  I hope to visit a book store to preview these.


My husband is often reading about business and leadership so he'd probably choose something like this.  But I'm thinking something more unique and leisurely.  Before we see Hamilton the musical (I hear it's coming to Austin people!!!), I think my husband would be interested in reading the book... and my older two would probably fight him for it with their obsession of the soundtrack.  I've never done a magazine subscription so this is also a runner up.  

Me (aka. Mama)

The problem with Christmas shopping is I find stuff I want... normally I don't give my husband many hints.  He's naturally an amazing gift giver and gifts are the only surprise I like.  However, two years ago he gave me a cookbook and I've never opened it.  Wishful thinking on his part - there's always hope.  This book would be practical for me right now.  Or I know I'd enjoy this book on raising my wonderful wild children.  And this one I also flipped through at Costco and is of interest to me because I often try focusing on eating the seasons.

This is my top pick! I know our entire family would enjoy.

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