We are all constantly growing and evolving to become the best versions of ourselves.  It's time for my blog to evolve.   Time to share all the things in life that matter.  I'm still a lifestyle photographer (but only for my own people), and will continue to work on commercial projects.  Photography will still be included here, but I no longer want to leave out the other parts of life. Interests that I know I share with many of you.  Because I do not plan to stick to one topic it will be a place that encourages people to try new things.  I look forward to talking about home improvement and decor; sharing topics of smoothie ingredients, my favorite workout leggings; and definitely keeping with the theme of simple and slow living.  A take it or leave it "moderated" form of simple and slow living.  You'll hear a lot more about this and realize how easily attainable this is considering it's mostly in the mind... like much of life.

I hope we can connect here... but if not here, over coffee would be my preferred method.