Mother's day wishes

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Since my fist mother's day I've been clear with my family about what I'd like my Mother's Day to look like.  When you have young children I think naturally Mother's Day falls on the husband.  This added to the reason I wanted to keep this day as simple as possible. 

I do have one firm rule, no material gifts. 

Most importantly I wish for the gift of a memory with my children... after I've slept-in past 8am.

I do believe the art of giving should be practiced and felt by children, therefore I ask each child to write me a letter (and/or drawing from the younger years).  I have a scrapbook that I've saved all the love notes from the years past.  I hope when they are grown adults they will still write me a note vs buying me a card.  I also like to think that I'm training them on how to write a letter of affirmation.

My second request is a photograph.  I'm not looking for a portrait, just a capture of what life looked like that day.  It's just another great reminder to get in the frame with our children.  The above image was a simple iphone capture from a few years back, and it's one of my favorites.  I have the memory that goes along with it.  I remember looking down at myself in my stretched out tank with crusty boogers and dirt on it thinking I should change and let my hair down.  Then I felt myself come back to reality and realize this is my reality that I want to capture - the perfectly imperfect mess of motherhood.  I wouldn't want to remember it any other way.  


Tell your family exactly what your ideal mother's day looks like - they will thank you for it.

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