Make your Thanksgiving table personal

I get more excited about special touches in table decor than I often do about the food itself.  Wouldn't it be sweet to sit down with a photo of you and a loved one in front of you?  A good place setting makes up for a dry turkey or cold potatoes in my opinion. This is a photo of my sister and I.  I think digging up old family photos would be such a fun treat for your guests.

I do so many last minute projects like this one with my Instax printer.  I love to decorate with photos any chance I can get.

There's so much great inspiration for adding personal touches to Thanksgiving and I pinned several of my favorites here:

Do you have your stretchy pants ready?  All the velvet is calling my name!

I'm hearing this hashtag will be all the rage and I hope to see some funny stuff: #WeirdThanksgivingTraditions 

And this podcast might be helpful to listen to before you enter into Thanksgiving with your family.  Fascinated by this podcast series.  I grew up in a family who loved to debate politics over the holidays.  To this day I avoid talking politics, but I'm happy to listen in on your debate for nostalgic sake.  

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