Tiny Gardening

Two homes ago we had a large backyard garden and it was more quantity than quality so I'm back to gardening but focusing more on my quality this time.  The main challenge is our current backyard gets very little sunlight.  The benefit of tiny gardening is you could move your garden planters around to follow the changing directions of the sun over the year for those with a shady backyard.

Ideas on Tiny Gardening - Lovely Matters Blog - Heather Walker

I found the above planter box at Home Goods last fall.  I might add wheels if I can't find the right spot for sun in our yard.  My kale, rosemary, mint, and citronella lasted through the winter.  I dug up the citronella and placed in a small container to move around where needed.  This weekend I added rainbow chard and sage.  If things go well with this tiny garden I think I'll purchase an additional box like one of these I've been eyeing.

My tiny tip:  I don't compost (maybe someday, maybe not), but instead occasionally use my banana peels, egg shells, and coffee grinds to add nutrients to my garden and special plants.  I put the banana peels in my Blender with the eggshells and a little water and it becomes a little magic potion.  Or if just using egg shells, simply let them dry out and then sprinkle on your garden.  

If you aren't sure if you thumb is green, I've read the easiest thing to grow is spinach and cherry tomatoes. 

Involving our children in the process is so much fun and can expand on their interest in eating new whole foods.  I think each kid getting their own plot or crate would be super exciting for them to take ownership.  And the garden is a great place to bond with children. As of now, our children are happy with a simple tin can with spit out apple seeds from last night's dinner (true story - wish us luck).   

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