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Fall awakens me!  Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago the season of fall is in my DNA.  I realize that if you didn't grow up with something, you wouldn't have a reason to miss it.  I however, need to experience fall from all 5 senses in order to feel in touch with another year ending.  It was the thing I missed most after moving to the south.  I have visited Massachusetts, Washington DC, Tennessee, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oregon, New York, and Minnesota in the fall.  Last year we went back to sweet home Chicago, and this year we took the family to the Pacific Northwest, where my hubby grew up.  My soul is filled up!  We saw, felt, smelled, tasted, and heard fall in all its beauty.  Seattle is my favorite partially because we are such water people.  And the mountains!  And the real pumpkin patches and apple orchards. Most likely if you ate an apple today it came from WA. It's as authentic as it gets.  Over 70% of the country's apples come from here.  And fall of course makes us think of hot drinks and Seattle is the mecca for adorable coffee houses.  All this equals lots of snuggling and closeness with the ones you love wearing your favorite sweater.  

traveling to find fall

Fall trips remind me every year how important it is to go back to your past senses and connect them to your present life.  Just because I don't live in a state that has the traditional fall in my eyes (I realize it's all relative), its not going to stop me from making this part of my children's DNA.  They will just have the travel and exploration part added to their fall experience.  

This trip also reminded me that if we don't like something about our lives, we need to fix it.  I'm not willing to move because I love this place we call home, but traveling is a very very happy medium of fixing the lack of fall we have in Texas.  If it wasn't for my yearning for fall, we wouldn't have been inspired to go out and find all the fall beauty and adventure this country offers.  So if you don't have this beautiful season, consider traveling to it.

After every vacation I make a simple video of little moments to help us retain our memories.  I wrote about tips on documenting with video here.  

And now that I'm home I need to make a grocery run to make one of my favorite fall meals that you can find here.

And I'm looking forward to catching up with the episodes of This is Us with hubby.  In an earlier post I was talking about all the dark television that's out there and this show is something that gives a sense of hope.  It's simple and enlightening.  Found this gem for those of you who want to relive this episode, or for those of you interested in starting a new series about life - relatable raw pure sweet life. 

I hope you find lovely in your week.

traveling to fall
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