Family Movie Reviews

I confess, I'd so much rather watch a movie in the comfort of my own home than at the theaters.  However, tis the season for new movies that we don't have the patience to wait to be released on our home television.  And because we don't do this very often it makes going to the theater even more special.

A family evening at the movies was actually a very thoughtful Christmas "experience gift" from Grandparents.

I read Wonder years ago with my daughter and we finally got to see the anticipated movie, along with my son who heard the book as a read-along in his class.  I love how well it followed the book and it's touch on real life.  Such a beautiful message!  This was a movie about feelings.  We laughed hard and cried hard.  It opened so many great conversations with my 9 and 11-year-old.  The message relayed over and over, "Choose Kindness" is one this world could always use more focus on.  I wish we could watch the ending scene 5 times over. 

I highly recommend reading the book first.  I always use Common Sense Media as a reference on age-appropriate movies.  I knew in advance this wasn't something I wanted my 6-year-old to watch just yet (bulling and a couple violent fight scenes).  I'll look forward to reading the book with him first in another couple of years.  Therefore, my husband took our younger two at the same time to see Coco.  He walked out and told me 1. The message was perfect: the most important thing is family.  2. It was very colorful in animation and music. 3. The kids were glued and entertained the entire time.


Both of these movies were listed as Common Sense Media's best family movies of the year.  This list has me realizing we have several movies to catch up on over break.

I'd love to hear your favorite family movie of the year!

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