Christmas unplugged

Some memories are saved just for us.  Lovely Matters blog by Heather Walker

For several days surrounding Christmas I took a break from news, social media and basically using all devices for anything other than calling and face-timing family.  It helped slow Christmas down and put the focus on our family and the moments happening right in front of us.  I'm not sure who to quote, but the words "Some of my best moments don't make it to social media" speak to me!  Christmas is one of those memories that feels like it's just meant for us.  That said, I absolutely adore seeing what other people's Christmas look like, but the photos and messages will still be there when we are done celebrating our days of Christmas.  I want to encourage others to find your balance in knowing when it's time to unplug.  It's unique for each of us.  3+ days was right for me... 3 hours may be more fitting for some.  Sometimes I feel as if we are living in a time where capturing our moments with our phones is more important than actually living in the moment with the people next to us.  I'm aware of this, and I strongly feel I must set the example for my children.

When I did turn my computer on the first thing I wanted to do was look at images from around the globe of Christmas.  This was a beautiful photo review of the day.  

Besides our outing to the theater, we spent a lot of time playing new games.  I had no idea Family Trivial Pursuit even existed!  The adults have different cards than the kids so it's actually a challenge for all. We've also been enjoying Labyrinth, Farkle, and 5 Second Rule.

What I will be sharing about our Christmas is that our children unwrapped these luggage tags leading them to new suitcases wrapped with clues of a Hawaii vacation!!!  We leave in 2 days!  And now we pack!

I hope your Christmas was magical and happy!

Beautiful happiness quote by Heather Walker - Lovely Matters Blog

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