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Happy February!  I have Valentine's Day on my mind.  

Stay in or go out?  Even before children, I preferred the night in on Valentine's Day.  I will however, be using the Where to eat on Valentine's Day restaurants list for other date nights in Austin.  For my kids it's simply about heart shaped food and homemade valentines.  

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I always write my husband a love letter with a printed photograph of us.  Check out these famous love letters to inspire you.  

I think making a book of photos from one's relationship would be so sweet.  My simple and quick go to for making books is Chatbooks and I talk about the reasons why here

Here a romantic music video by Ed Sheeran I'm crushing over.  

A friend gave me the book Love Lives Here and I can't get enough of hearing how this Mother raised her children on love and rituals.  She gives woman permission to be the best wives and mothers and not feel like they have to be more.  She encourages to do what you are passionate about, not what society thinks you should be passionate about.  YES!

Here's a collection of my favorite Valentine's Day ideas here.  I wrote on post its and left on my husband's mirror and in his car one year.  Thanks pinterest.

His DIY Valentines box - 2016

His DIY Valentines box - 2016


Found this sweet gift that gives back - we look forward to giving to our daughter on valentines day.  I can't resist a company that has a story like this: The #loveisproject grew out of a simple desire to find out what love means to people around the world and how, despite our circumstance or history, love unites us all. Our “Pay It Forward” model extends this concept to empower artisan communities worldwide in an ethical supply chain of love.

Our boys will get long underwear for skiing.  This has always been our go-to base layer for skiing. I don't always get them gifts but when there's something they need I like to sneak it in as a gift.  I think it helps them appreciate that all they are given is a special gift - even the underwear.  

Look at this cute valentines shirt that I'll be wearing all year long.

I was humbled and shy to be interviewed on my friend Kristen's podcast series called Beyond Good Intentions.  Isn't that name lovely!  Just me, a normal gal, talking about family, happiness and all the messes life brings.  I'll tell you that I really didn't plan out what I wanted to talk about because I wanted it to be a natural conversation... Let's just say it fits with my motto, "not perfect, but real".  A public speaker I am not, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to do this and in the end, it made me feel strong and happy.  You can listen to the podcast here and find Kristen's inspiring blog here.  

lovely links on valentines day - lovely matters blog - heather walker

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Lovely links in November

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Hope your halloween weekend was a fun one!  We attended our school fall fest, went to the pumpkin patch (nighttime edition because it's tradition), carved pumpkins and attended our church's trunk or treat.  A couple soccer games, chores, and meltdowns between the fun - but let's focus on the festivities shall we?

When was the last time you watched the Thriller video?  My kids learn this dance at school every year, and Friday night at the school's fall fest I tried to attempt this with them.  Saturday I woke up and realized I should educate my kids on the legend of Michael Jackson.  I had forgotten just how creepy this video is but my older two loved watching the dancing part.  You might want to preview before letting your kids watch but it was a fun blast from the past for me!

I really hope someone comes to my door wearing this costume tomorrow!  And if I see this mask knocking on my door, I will NOT be answering.

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Do you eat or toss your pumpkin seeds?  We eat pumpkin seeds year round but this is the only time of year I roast them myself.  I'm trying this recipe today!

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Imitating the Thriller dance.

Imitating the Thriller dance.

I'm so happy flannel weather is here - even if it only stays around for a few days!  And I'm so happy I handed my son my camera to capture my Hubby and I enjoying the cool weather and snuggles on a fun family night.  

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I found this Brooks Brothers flannel from Marshalls and I'm loving it!  Never had anything from Brooks Brothers - but love the quality I felt wearing it.  And these socks are my absolute favorite fall thing with boots or wellies.  I'm ready to order a new pair since they are always in the wash.

Happy Halloween!  

This post contains affiliate links.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


Lovely links in September

Here's the lovely things we enjoyed this week that I think could benefit others.

I love purchasing my children a new shirt to wear on their Birthday to feel special.  In the past I've found shirts through etsy.  But sometimes there's not time to wait for a delivery or I'm just in the mood for a simple DYI.  I used iron on letters that I found here.  My little one found a simple t-shirt and this took me less than 5 minutes with the help of my excited little boy.


The back of our house has been under construction for some time and somehow this has made it feel like the entire house is in disorder.  Because of this, hosting a Birthday party was something I decided to skip this year for my littlest.  My older children helped with a little last minute planning and we rallied up over 20 neighborhood kids and shared ice cream sandwiches.  This is the 3rd or 4th time we've done this and one of my favorite things about this is no one has time to think about getting a gift.  The gift is simply about gathering around a table to celebrate life and friendship... and my children walk away feeling loved by the people who surround us.  


Have you ever heard about the four burners theory?  I think during the early years of Motherhood two burners sometimes had to be switched to off.  This article is a good reminder that we can't do it all and we actually have more control than we realize in what we want to give our priorities to.  If you are in the beginning stages of motherhood, remember this is a season, and all seasons need a little adjusting on where our priorities stand.  If it's your friend burner that you've turned off just send them a little message saying you are thinking about them and remember the true friends will still be there once you are ready to turn that burner back on.  

You'll here a lot about podcast from me.  I'll start with my favorite kids podcast.  I'm always looking for something that can please all my kids ages (4-11).  The Brains On podcast does exactly that.  So awesome for a road trip.  If you need to change the mood in your home you can tune into the one about animal farts