Make your Thanksgiving table personal

I get more excited about special touches in table decor than I often do about the food itself.  Wouldn't it be sweet to sit down with a photo of you and a loved one in front of you?  A good place setting makes up for a dry turkey or cold potatoes in my opinion. This is a photo of my sister and I.  I think digging up old family photos would be such a fun treat for your guests.

I do so many last minute projects like this one with my Instax printer.  I love to decorate with photos any chance I can get.

There's so much great inspiration for adding personal touches to Thanksgiving and I pinned several of my favorites here:

Do you have your stretchy pants ready?  All the velvet is calling my name!

I'm hearing this hashtag will be all the rage and I hope to see some funny stuff: #WeirdThanksgivingTraditions 

And this podcast might be helpful to listen to before you enter into Thanksgiving with your family.  Fascinated by this podcast series.  I grew up in a family who loved to debate politics over the holidays.  To this day I avoid talking politics, but I'm happy to listen in on your debate for nostalgic sake.  

less effort and more love in party planning

simple and thoughtful party decor. lovely matters by Heather Walker

My daughter had a very belated birthday celebration because she wanted to wait for our backyard renovations to be done.  I know it's so hard to keep a guest list short, but with parties, less is more.  In most situations.  I also love a big bash with lots of mingling but, in my experience, the host tends to not enjoy themselves as much.  The benefit of an intimate party is you have room to add special touches and sit around the same table sharing the same conversation.  I adore this special touch my daughter added to the table decor.  She wrote each of her friends a personal note telling them what she loved about them and how blessed she was to have them in her life.  I took pictures of each note and sent to her guests.  I watched as each sweet friend found their seat and gushed over the words Addi Mae left them.  My husband and I made them a homemade meal and we served them as they simply chatted about their lives.

Intentionally blurred table for my daughter to keep her personal notes to her friends personal.  But you get the idea.

Intentionally blurred table for my daughter to keep her personal notes to her friends personal.  But you get the idea.

This party was planned with one trip to target and a quick amazon order. 

Party animal napkins are from dollar section at target.

This paper table runner is something I always have on hand for multiple purposes.  

The cake pops are from Mon Aimee Cake Pops  and the best I've ever had.

These sharpies take writing to a whole new level.  And who doesn't want gold cutlery every once in a while.

The only other decor item I purchased were these that gave the pool house just enough of a party vibe.

Have you seen the saran wrap game played at parties?  It was a hit!  Target dollar section for the win again.  

pool house.  Lovely Matters by Heather Walker

I've had a lot of questions about these chaise lounge chairs!  Love them.  Highly recommend!  And yes, I plan to do a full backyard tour soon to share how we renovated and decorated the space!