Birthday traditions matter

Traditions are important for so many reasons but one reason I love a tradition is because it reminds me to pause and document things the way they are in this moment.  

Lovely Matters blog by Heather Walker

This simple tradition of taking a picture on each birthday eve only takes one minute but it's not so much the photograph I love but the time I end up spending staring at them sleep reflecting on the time we've had together and dreaming of their future.  If it wasn't for the tradition reminding me to take the picture I may forget to stare.  And when he's at college I'll just pull out photos to stare at so I don't need to be a creepy Mom sneaking in his dorm room. ;)

Lovely Matters Blog by Heather Walker

So many favorite Birthday traditions, but one of my very favorites is recording laughter.  Of all the things I have on video, this sound has always been my favorite to come back to.  In the video below is what my 4 year old's laughter sounds like on his 4th Birthday.