Hi.  It's so nice to meet you!


Before I was blessed with title of "Mom" I was an event planner in Chicago where I met my sweetheart.  We now have 4 children and have made beautiful roots living in Austin and have planned 29 Birthday parties since.  I still love a thoughtfully planned party, but my ideas of a good party are much more simple.  The year dating my husband I found my love of photography, and my passion for documenting our perfectly imperfect story began.  In the mix of raising our family we rehabbed 3 homes.  My handy husband continues to do projects around our current home and I'll be sharing this here also.  This used to be a place for blogging my photos, but the truth is my passions in life run much deeper than photography.  I believe sharing what we know and love is an important part of human interaction.  This is my place I share all lovely things.   

Thank you for visiting.

-Heather Walker