The patch at night

Every year we wait until the sun goes down to pick our pumpkins.  It's become their thing; searching for the perfect carving pumpkin and testing their strength on who can pick up the largest pumpkin.  Something I decided a few years ago is this is just a once a year special tradition that my kids would prefer not be interrupted with posed photos.  So I only capture the memory in motion of willing subjects.  It's how we will always remember our traditions of the patch at night.

Lantern Fest Magic

This night can't be described or photographed to explain the experience... it can only be experienced.  It was magical and unforgettable.  

my baby turning 3

Self portraits of my baby and I.  Seeing these images encourages me to do this more often.  And I want to encourage you also to get in the frame with your loved ones.  Do it for you.  Do it for your children and their memories.  Then print a little book or a favorite image and place bedside for your children.  



If you stand together for a photo I will give you eggs to crack on each other's heads...

Birthday Portraits

I'm not great about getting portraits of my children but their Birthdays are a good reminder to make sure I capture their faces... This is about as "portrait" as I get.  Bennett loves to pose and surrounding him with some of his favorite things made this easy and quick.  Notice who got kicked out of the passenger seat for someone else but who won in the end.

celebrating five at the farm

And that is how we celebrated Bennett's birthday as a family at the farm.  We made sweet memories on this simple day and the the following day we made the sweetest strawberry cake and sang again to the boy who brings so much life and joy to each of our lives.


If only the sense of smell could be included here - then this would be complete.  It's always the simple moments at home that we hold as our favorite and have lasting impressions.  Here I documented all real moments, with nothing staged to help our memories be as authentic as possible.  I simply kept my camera nearby to capture the pieces of our day.  "Simple" has always been a key word for me.  I strive to live my life in a more simple manor... with keeping in mind that I have four children and "simple" is a relative word.  I once craved simple so much that I convinced my sweet hubby to remodel a 1400 square foot home into a "less is more" lifestyle but with three kids at that time and needing space for our company, it only lasted a bit over a year.  But still, I try to keep my work, home, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our wants & needs with the word "simple" in mind.  I think this will be the theme of the video project I was searching for this year.  I want to simply stare at their faces, hear the giggling, see their beautiful sibling connections, and remember what it felt like in that moment in time to be blessed with one another.  

One second for every day in 2015

Every year I give myself a new photo project as a reminder to capture our memories and this past year was one of my favorites.  I used the app called One Second Every Day.  I highly encourage it!  My kids were often the ones reminding me to capture our "one second" and they would constantly play back the footage and talk about our moments.  I'll be doing this again for 2016 because it was such a simple one and I think I'd like to also do a project with my big camera but this is undetermined.  Happy New Year!